• Embrace the Glory
    That is within You
    Whatever it is you really want to do,
    I am passionate and committed to helping you work how you will do it and when.
  • Life Coaching
    brings many marvellous benefits
    Such as new perspectives regarding personal challenges, increased confidence,
    motivation and inspiration to attain relevant goals.

How I Can Help?

Are you an individual who could use some support - either to solve a particular problem, or to work out what changes to make in order to feel generally more fulfilled and happier?

Perhaps something is troubling you and you want to make some changes but aren't sure where to start, life coaching is a supportive environment for you to talk freely and confidentially, to fully explore the possibilities your life has to offer and areas that may be holding you back.


The greatest investment you make is in yourself, and Coaching can enable you to achieve what you want in your life.



Sometimes you may feel that simply sitting down with someone who can help put your feelings into perspective may be beneficial. In a confidential environment counselling can explore aspects of your life giving insight and understanding


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MY Services

Life Coaching & Integrative Counselling...

Personal Development

Is a form of coaching that focuses on self-evaluating and assessing your strengths and weaknesses to improve a aspects of your life.

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Loss Counselling

There are many facets of loss. From loss of a loved one to loss employment and loss of health. It is an intricate part our lives.

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Sometimes you may feel that simply just sitting down with someone who can help put your feelings into perspective may be beneficial.

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Assertiveness is the flexible pursuit of having your preferences met, our opinions voiced, our emotions and beliefs communicate in an appropriate way.

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Interpersonal Relationships

If you develop you interpersonal skills you are more able to empathise and communicate effectively with others, the quality of our relationships help in life.

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Work / Life Balance

Better life balance can mean less tension in your life, by learning to prioritise your needs you can achieve more equilibrium, harmony and stability in our life.

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Life is a voyage of adventure with no limitations, no ship is destined to stay in port, but to voyage. I invite you to embark upon a voyage of heart and soul to see what's there to discover in your life voyage.

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